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Washing your hands is only the start...

Cooking with kids is never just about cooking food. Well, at least not if your children learn how to cook with the help of our kids cookbooks. In fact with every recipe children will be learning many things, including new skills and habits that will help them grow into self-sufficient, independent adults. Among our top priorities is proper hygiene and what better way to remind kids to wash their hands than with every single recipe?

Our emphasis on hygiene is not limited to washing hands, though. Many of our recipes include additional steps like washing dishes. These steps, in effect, will help put hygiene in proper context.

Hygiene and organizational skill are all good and well but these are not the only benefits of including your kids in the kitchen at a young age. Involving kids in the kitchen from early on can help them acquire many important skills such as:

•Fine Motor Skills
•Following Directions

Getting into the kitchen will help your children learn these skills, using our recipes or not, but just remember that we design our recipes with facilitating the learning of these skills in mind. We hope that with the help of our easy to follow and fun recipes your children will not only learn something about the kitchen but also develop into a confident, successful adult. We believe cooking isn't just an important life skill, but a building block to a healthy lifestyle.